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MOON/MAGIC (Poem #74)

Underneath a crescent moon
a pied piper plays a tune
slowly he calls all unaware
to lightly, gently, quickly ensnare
the hearts and the souls everywhere
of those who do not, will not beware
his magic is piped into the air
on the light of the moon, cold and bare 
so dance to the beat, if you dare
but be careful to take no more than your share
as the pied paper plays his magical tune
underneath a crescent moon

Written 04-12-91;11-03-93  ©1993

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kaleidoscope colors spinning around
whenever i'd close my eyes
whirling and swirling all around
pushing me deeper inside
like a curtain of flame or a 
tunnel of dreams
where it may be all that i wish
but not all that it seems
falling deeper and deeper while 
reality loses control 
but without losing anything 
of my self or my soul
travelling upward to worlds 
full of childish surprise
dreaming of my friend with the 
startling blue eyes
was any of this real or was
it just an illusion
brought on by the childish 
delight of confusion
why can i no longer go where
the child used to fly
why can't i tap into that wonderful
world hidden inside
did i grow up and grow out of
some wonderful gift
or did something inside of me
now the colors are harder to see
it's mostly black and white
why can i only go so far and no further
into my wondrous night

written 11-23-93; 02-25-94  ©1993

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The whole idea of Revelation is scary
but the different interpretations make me wary

Is it the end of the world that we'll see
or the end of the current perversion of Christianity?

The supposed time frame seems to be becoming a reality
which means it may come at the end of this century.

Will everything come to a head with all of the violent confrontations
or will it continue on this current path of human stagnation?

Am I a Christian if I don't believe in their religious creeds
even though I do try to live up to Christ's spiritual philosophies?

So what does Revelation and the Christian "rapture" mean to me?
And where exactly will all of the world's other religions be?

Will we see a move toward a new spirituality
that encompasses all the world's religious philosophy?

Will it all end with violence, war, and bloody conflagrations?
Or will it be a chance for a new, higher spiritual destination?

So which interpretation am I suppose to believe?
If it's not the same as yours am I supposedly being deceived?

And if Revelation is inevitable is it worth the effort to succeed?
Should we try to fight the end or even feel there is a need?

After all of this discussion does anyone really know what's going to be
or is everyone still as confused about Revelation as me?

written 03-15-94  ©1994

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UNTITLED (Poem #90)

silvery lines stretched out through the night
mean travellers are roaming just out of sight
and what the mind can't see the soul can perceive
just like artists and mystics dreams do conceive
that the beauty of man is not like a dove,
and has nothing to do with whats below or above
or with that elusive thing some call the soul
or the entire sum of the parts of the whole
but with man's ability to think and to dream
and to feel with his being things that are unseen
like imagination from the precious mind of a child
with the ability to let their dreamtime run wild
and the knowledge that they can always come home
no matter where their thoughts or spirits may roam

Written 04-05-95  ©1995 

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when the sun goes down at the end of the day
then the time of the moon is not too far away
and the children of the night come out to play

not the demons or devils you probably expect
but mystical creatures the moon must protect
whose shadows and souls by light don't reflect

you'll probably never see them unless they insist
but warmth on your skin means you've been kissed
because light hearted teasing they just can't resist

they dance and they skip in the sky, on the ground
any dustdevils you see might mean they're around
they're so light on their feet you won't here a sound

they protect and delight in the innocence of youth
but as natural beings there manners are a bit uncouth
for the human beings they are always trying to soothe

Written 02-24-95  ©1995 

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